Erik’s new book is quite a page turner. I’ll be writing a review when I finish it…. which should be in a week or so.

If you follow this blog at all, you know that I also host a little podcast called Writing Is Hard Work. This week’s podcast is one you should probably listen to if you haven’t been listening.

I had the privilege to interview Erik Buchanan this week. You can find the…

Edwin Avery eased into a parking space he had used for over twenty years. One piston inside the engine of his fifteen-year-old Hyundai puttered oddly as he twisted the key to silence it. Stepping onto the gritty parking lot on a warm spring day in mid-March, Mr. …

This is my current WIP planning session using Mind Node. It is highly effective for brainstorming ideas.

I’ve written a few novels in my short career, but all of them go through the meticulous planning process before I ever sit down to write.

I am, in no sense of the word, a “pantser”.

When Stephen King and Peter Straub wrote The Talisman they wrote a chapter each…

Roger Colby

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