5 Takeaways from Interviewing Author Erik Buchanan

Erik’s new book is quite a page turner. I’ll be writing a review when I finish it…. which should be in a week or so.

If you follow this blog at all, you know that I also host a little podcast called Writing Is Hard Work. This week’s podcast is one you should probably listen to if you haven’t been listening.

I had the privilege to interview Erik Buchanan this week. You can find the show in question by clicking , but Erik turned out to be a fount of very valuable information.

Erik has written a wonderful out-of-the-box fantasy novel entitled , is an actor, a fight choreographer, a ghost writer and a very good writer. I’m a couple chapters into Trials and I love it. He has created a female heroine who is not in any way cliche or trite, and a fantasy world that is gritty and realistic. I will be reviewing it when I finish reading it, which won’t be long because it is indeed a page turner.

Erik has been traditionally published, but has chosen to self-publish for reasons he lays out in the podcast, but I wanted to share five things I learned from Erik that might help you. There are many more bits of wonderful advice in the podcast, so please give it a listen. You won’t be sorry you did.

  1. Mailing Lists — If you jump over to , you’ll find a handy sign-up form that offers something really cool: a free book! If you sign up on his mailing list, you’ll receive periodic emails with his newsletter where he will inform you about what he’s up to, but also is a way to sell more books. After getting a free book myself, I discovered that he is using a service called “Bookfunnel”. For a measly $100 A YEAR you can set up this service that allows up to 500 downloads a month of your free book. If you have a series like Erik (and yours truly) you can offer the first in the series for free and then when the new one comes out (or is already available) you can send out an email to all those on your mailing list that it’s available. This should garner a lot of sales if they liked the first one.

That being said, if you are a writer and want some FREE PUBLICITY , I’ll be happy to interview you via Zoom! Just go to my contact page and send me a message.

If you want more (and there is much more!) tune in to the podcast and listen to Erik’s wisdom. It pays to listen to advice from an expert when it’s freely given. You can learn a lot from him because I certainly did.

Originally published at https://www.rogerdcolby.com on March 15, 2021.

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