5 Reasons Why Writers Should Quit Facebook

After much deliberation over my 700+ followers I decided to pull the plug. Here’s why:

I have lamented several times about the unprofessional nature of Facebook, its constant streams of political dogma, its disgusting memes, and its general comparison to a trailer park where Skinny Pete and Badger are probably selling blue meth.

Today I finally decided to cut ties with it.

Sure, Facebook is a place where most grannies go to get pictures of the grandkids, but really it has become a place where writers like me can waste mounds of valuable time. After all, I should be writing.

I will now list the reasons that writers should take the leap, but if you do some soul searching you will soon discover that you will be better off without much social media other than Twitter.

  1. Facebook As An Anthill — A colony of red ants lives in my yard. Every year I go out and try to eradicated them and everything I’ve tried doesn’t work. I’ll go out there and kick them around and they will become agitated and attempt to sting me, swarming across the ground angrily in their futile attempt. About a year ago I used to use Facebook like someone who would lay down on top of the anthill naked and let them bite me. I’d get tired of seeing unsubstantiated nonsense posted by armchair know-it-alls and have to respond, which would cause them to sting me and really make my life miserable. Recently, like James Joyce noticing the word “fetus” scrawled on a desk, I had an epiphany that Facebook is (after all) just an anthill. When I run over the anthill with my riding lawnmower I don’t get stung, and as a matter of fact I often forget that it was there at all. Political opinions, conspiracy theory rants and trolls matter not in changing any opinion at all. It is useless to respond. I don’t need to worry about the anthill.

If you are an author who has quit Facebook, share your story below in the comments. What are some reasons you haven’t quit Facebook yet? What is stopping you from doing so?

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